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Our goal is to provide quality, comprehensive medical care to patients with kidney disease.

Our staff regularly attend national and regional meetings and regularly review critically, the latest relevant literature information on kidney disease to stay current with all diagnostic and treatment options and make them available to our patients.

Our emphasis is the early diagnosis and treatment of patients with kidney disease and the various diseases known to predispose to kidney disease. In the Territory, as worldwide, diabetes mellitus and hypertension are the two diseases which most often lead to kidney disease.

Having identified patients with early kidney disease, The Caribbean Kidney Center (formerly known as the Virgin Islands Kidney Center) uses scientifically proven treatment techniques and methods; aggressively controlling blood pressure, blood sugar and treating anemia, close monitoring of these and other parameters, and effective education of each patient on his/her disease process so that together, physician and patient work cooperatively to retard progression of the disease.

We believe in a team effort of physician, patient and support staff (nurses, dieticians, social workers and administrative staff) working cooperatively to manage and control the underlying disease and thereby retard progression of kidney disease, hopefully making dialysis not necessary or postponing the need for dialysis as long as possible.

Our hope is to make Dialysis unnecessary.

Regrettably, some patients will inevitably progress to end stage renal disease requiring dialysis and/or a kidney transplant. For these patients, The Caribbean Kidney Center provides a full range of treatment options (including kidney transplant) in an environment of understanding and caring again with emphasis on patient education and patient/staff cooperation.

The Caribbean Kidney Center's qualified and specially trained healthcare professionals, it's acquisition of the newest technology in dialysis treatment equipment-machines, monitors and water treatment systems, and much more makes it unquestionably the best renal care center in the Caribbean and among the best in the United States.